Defogging Your Windshield

Tips for Defogging Your Windshield: What’s the Best Way?

Looking for the best way to defog your window this winter? We have the answer. Read on to learn some of the greatest tips for getting rid of that annoying condensation on your windows. Not only can you save time before you hit the road, but you can also improve safety by increasing visibility. It just takes some quick steps for defogging your windshield.

According to BGR, there is one list of steps that works best—and this isn’t just hearsay. The following steps for defogging your windshield are scientifically proven to work best:

  • Turn up Defogging Your Windshieldyour heater all the way
  • Flip on the vehicle air conditioning (at the same time if possible)
  • Turn the air circulation off
  • Crack your windows to bring in cold, dry air

So how does it work? The heater works to eliminate moisture, while the air conditioning actually dries out the air. By turning off the air circulation, your car will bring in outside air (you don’t want air from inside the vehicle). Finally, cracking the window will let in more air from the outside.

If you would like to prevent moisture buildup in the first place, try filling a sock with cat litter and placing it on your car dash. This will absorb even more moisture, making it easy to get in your car and go in the morning. Contact our service department for more tips!

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