New 2017 CR-V Features Include Turbocharged Engine

24419900319_94d6f52d6b_bThe new 2017 CR-V is getting some great new upgrades, including a powerful turbocharged engine. With a new powertrain offering improved performance and fuel economy, this new model is more capable than ever. There are also several style and features updates, making the new CR-V truly unparalleled. Learn more about this model below.

According to Honda, the new 2017 CR-V features include things like the first-ever turbo in this model. A turbocharger essentially recycles exhaust in order to power a secondary generator, adding power and reducing fuel consumption. This new model gets up to 190 horsepower thanks to this turbocharged powerplant, and it also has a smooth-shifting continuously variable transmission to aid in the work.

“The next generation CR-V is perfectly positioned to lead what is now the largest and fasted growing segment in the Canadian auto industry,” said Dave Gardner, Senior Vice President of Operations, Honda Canada. “CR-V continues to be built in Canada, reinforcing the importance of Honda of Canada Manufacturing’s place among our North American operations.

Other features include things like a more spacious interior, improved aerodynamics, and LED lighting. You also get high-tech gadgets like Display Audio and smartphone connectivity, something passengers are bound to enjoy. Nothing compares to the new features on the 2017 CR-V.

The 2017 CR-V is coming soon to St. Albert Honda where you will be able to see all these features and more up close and personally. Be on the lookout for its arrival!


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