Explore Alberta: Fall Activities & Events

Photo by Flickr use PiConsti https://www.flickr.com/photos/piconsti/15711137837/in/photolist-pWkFUR-p75fG3-rRDAmt-sa6xep-s9az38-pWfVHv-qyy6q3-pX3HKF-r4Njh7-rqjqCR-mSaDNn-pzxaZA-nNfphN-qPWSde-pzrMZT-nNRjae-rjoQs1-mfW9yf-ooRjcs-qE64wj-kvrffS-poRebC-jyUzCs-pBTVpn-oucTiv-qcTt9y-pn9gpU-rjRTJM-qGquVj-qZwr5n-AD5m3z-r2QsVH-quXDeC-jKUA9D-qr938X-jyUGnj-jyUxJN-m7SoS2-m7Tkwv-mANh78-jySMLX-pRaRjj-jyShhB-oysHHY-mVwdwZ-ngF8T9-oysFgK-m86vqp-njd6XN-m7T5jM
Fifht Lake is a beautiful place for Alberta fall activities and events

There are plenty of activities and events in Alberta this fall, ranging from outdoor activities to festivals. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Check out the Calgary International Blues Festival, take a horseback ride down Highway 22, or visit Elk Island National Park. These are just some of many Alberta fall activities and events.

According to Travel Alberta, one great event for the autumn is the Calgary International Blues Festival. This event is a four-day festival that occurs in July-August, and again in February. So, if you missed it this summer, you should be able to catch it for a week in the upcoming months (the MidWinter Bluesfest). There will be workshops, emerging artists, and a headliner concert.

For those who love the outdoors, check out the Cowboy Trail—aka Highway 22. There are several horses for hire in the area, and you can easily find your way from ranch to ranch. There are also fine restaurants on the highway, as well as the famous Black Diamond Hotel for those looking for a getaway. Nothing is more thrilling than being a cowboy or cowgirl for a weekend.

Finally, visit Elk Island National Park. As one of the few places in the world with bison, you can see this near-extinct species up close and personal. Stop by on Canada Day for free entry, when you can also see First Nations performances or rent a canoe on Astotin Lake. There’s nothing quite like these Alberta fall activities and events..

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