Spring Car Maintenance

Spring Car Maintenance to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Spring

Spring showers mean it’s time for a fresh start for your car. Winter can really treat your car poorly, which is why it’s important to show it some love as the weather warms up. Here are a few spring car maintenance tips to help make sure your vehicle continues running smoothly.

Give your car a wash and touch up its paint. The salt and grit from the winter will wreak havoc on your car if you let it sit for too long. That’s why it’s time to take your car to your local car wash. Also, consider touching up the paint to fill in any small scrapes or scratches to make sure your vehicle stays looking like new.

Get your routine oil change. Oil helps your engine run smoothly, and there’s no better time to remember you need to give your car some new oil than the changing of the seasons.

Check your car’s tires. When the temperature fluctuates, so does your car’s tire pressure. Check the pressure of each tire against the recommended pressure range in your owner’s manual to make sure your tires are performing at their top level.

Make sure your car’s emergency kit is up to date. You never know what’s going to happen when you’re out on the road, which is why it’s important to have an emergency kit ready to go in your trunk. Include tools and anything you might need to change a tire in dark, rainy weather, including a rain jacket and a flashlight.

To make sure your car is ready for spring, call St. Albert Honda to schedule an appointment with one of our trained service technicians.

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