Staying Cool in the Summer

Tips For Staying Cool In The Summer

The team at St. Albert Honda loves the warm weather, but sometimes the sunshine can be overpowering! Stay cool as a cucumber with these tips!

  • Air Conditioner: A/C might be the most obvious of the solutions to staying cool during the summer, but if you’re without air conditioning, try putting a bowl of ice or a frozen water bottle in front of a fan!
  • Stave Off Sunburn: It’s always a good idea to apply lots of SPF in the summer, but in case you’re caught without protection, try making aloe ice cubes! Fill an ice cube tray with aloe vera gel and use it to cool down.
  • Fresh Scents: Nobody likes the sweat that comes with summer fun in the sun – try leaving dryer sheets in your shoes (when you’re not wearing them) or attach one or two to air vents or fans!
  • Stay Hydrated: Dehydration is a serious concern when the temperatures are high. We lose more water from our bodies when we sweat, even when we sweat in our sleep! Make sure you’re drinking about 2 liters a day to stay properly hydrated.
  • Unplug: Electronics give off heat, so take advantage of natural light as much as possible by opening curtains to let sunlight in and keep the light bulbs off. Unplug other small appliances when not in use – even phone chargers if your phone is at 100%

Have any other time-tested tricks you’d love to share for staying cool in the summer? Let us know! All of us at St. Albert Honda are always looking for ways to beat the heat.

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