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Spring Driving Tips: Added Dangers of the Spring Season

Here at St. Albert Honda, we’re always looking ahead – especially when it comes to being a safe and prepared driver. Spring leads to warmer weather, but there are also some dangers to look out for. These dangers include an increase in pedestrians, more precipitation, and more wildlife. There are a number of things to be aware of when you’re on the road, so read on for more spring driving tips from our team.

One of the major things to be aware of is that you’ll have to share the road in the spring. This is common sense for most drivers, but some people need some time to adjust. Remember that bikes are smaller and therefore appear further away—one reason to give them extra room when following from behind. You should also pay attention more in areas near schools, as many kids may choose to walk home this time of year.

Next, be careful when it rains. The first 10 to 15 minutes after it starts raining are usually the most dangerous because the water mixes with small amounts of oil on the road. When it rains, you should always slow down and be sure to turn your lights on if your wipers are on.

Finally, springtime means there will be more wildlife. This includes large animals like deer and moose, but smaller animals can be dangerous as well. Make sure not to turn the wheel sharply if you do see animals, as this may result in a loss of control. The best thing to do is to drive slowly in areas where animals have been spotted. For more tips on spring driving or for a new car for the new season, stop by St. Albert Honda.

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