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Staying Safe on the Road: Why Buy Winter Tires?

why buy winter tires

Winter tires are a must for most Canadians, though there are still many drivers who don’t use them. This is a mistake, as winter tires are so effective that many provinces mandate or strongly incentivize their use. For example, Quebec has strict regulations about tires starting in mid-December, and Manitoba and Ontario provide incentives like insurance and financing discounts.

So what makes winter tires so good? In summary, winter tires have three qualities that make them special. First, they have deeper treads that provide superior grip on snowy and icy roads. Second, they have specially-designed grooves to divert water that help prevent hydroplaning much more effectively than summer or all-season tires. Finally, winter tires are made with a special rubber compound that makes them more flexible and durable in cold weather.

The obvious disadvantage to buying winter tires is that you’ll need to buy and install a new set. All-season tires can stay on your wheels year-round (as the name implies), but keeping them also means sacrificing stopping power and safety this winter. So, if you’d like to stay as safe as possible this winter, consider buying winter tires today. Head over to St. Albert Honda if you need help selecting and mounting the right tires for your car!

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