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Holiday Volunteer Opportunities: Give Back this Holiday Season


The holidays are coming soon, but many in our community are not fortunate enough to have a family or resources to celebrate. That’s why you should consider holiday volunteer opportunities, helping to give to those in need. Whether you’re volunteering at a soup kitchen or helping to distribute clothes and toys to children, there’s something everyone can do to give.

For those who want to volunteer in the area, visit Volunteer Edmonton. This organization serves the Edmonton area, which is just a short drive from St. Albert. This volunteer centre provides information and opportunities, and you can learn more about how you can give back by simply dialing 211.

There are several reasons to volunteer. For example, many can gain work-related experience and learn new skills through training opportunities. There are easy career transitions that allow you to apply existing skills to a volunteer setting, and many families choose to volunteer together as a way of coming closer together.

Other organizations that you should consider at the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement, which is an industry standard for involving volunteers. There’s also the Volunteer Management Group of Edmonton, the International Association for Volunteer Effort, and Volunteer Alberta. At St. Albert Honda, we encourage you to give back this holiday season.

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