Honda’s power of dreams

Honda’s Power of Dreams Site Share Stories from Around the World

Did you know that Honda makes a lot more than just cars? The company has a whole lineup of products ranging from lawn motors to motorcycles, and even jets. On Honda’s Power of Dreams site, visitors can experience how Honda products help enrich the lives of people from across the globe.

The site is divided into a few sections to let you explore in a variety of ways. In the ‘Movies’ category, you can watch short films about specific Honda products. The first movie is titled Super Cub Riders and shows how a community in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam came together on their Honda Super Cubs to help someone find something precious they had lost. The second movie, called You Are the One shows the bond a young girl has with the Honda Civic that her family has had since her birth.

In the ‘Graphics’ section, you can see photographs of Honda owners sharing what they love and how much they love their Hondas. Scroll through snapshots of Honda Cub owners from around the world. By the end of 2017, Honda predicts more than 100 million Super Cubs will have been sold total.

Here at St. Albert Honda, we love to see these unique perspectives on how Honda makes lives easier and better for people all around the world.

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