spring driving tips

Spring Driving Tips: Staying Safe with the Change of Seasons

Springtime can lead to adverse driving conditions due to the melting snow and increased rainfall. This is why it’s important to keep some of these spring driving tips in mind, from changing your driving habits to performing regular maintenance.

According to AARP, one of the most important things to do is slow down on wet surfaces. Rainfall typically increases in the spring, which means roads will be slippery. Most streets contain a thin coating of oil that becomes especially dangerous during showers. The best things to do is slow down while it’s raining and shortly after a downpour.

Next, be on the lookout for an increase in pedestrians, motorcycles, and bikes. Warmer weather brings more people out, increasing the risk of driving. Be sure to give plenty of space, as smaller objects tend to appear further away than ordinary cars.

Finally, be aware of any side effects from medications you might be taking. Many choose to take over-the-counter allergy meds during the spring, but few people realize that these can make you drowsy and create slow reaction times. If you take allergy medication, be sure to speak with a doctor before getting behind the wheel.

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